Squad is a large-scale online multiplayer first-person shooter that aims to capture combat realism through communication and teamplay. 


  1. Take it EASY

  2. Apologize for teamkilling.  Teamkilling offenses will be handled on a case by case basis.  Note: Teamkill Disconnects will result in a automatic 2 hour ban

  3. Squad leaders MUST use vocal communication to relay messages to squad and other squad leaders, along with SL Kit.  Defense Sls are not required SL kit

  4.  Cheating, glitching, trolling, griefing, or sabotage of any kind is bannable on the first offense.

Examples: Using external programs or systems to give a gameplay advantage is considered cheating, and will result in a permanent ban.


Glitching or otherwise abusing in game functions or exploits to gain an unfair advantage can result in a permanent ban on the first offence.  This can include moving through walls, placing FOBs or moving outside normal play areas (e.g. the east side of the river on Al Basrah, inside walls) among other things will all get you banned.  


Any HABs and vehicles on the east of the river on AL BASRAH are not

allowed until further notice this is considered glitching, and therefore bannable.


 Placing 30 ammo boxes within a 5M radius, emplacements facing walls,  or similarly events can be considered trolling or griefing.


Purposely driving vehicles into enemies, digging down or blowing up friendly fobs, mass tk or team killing friendly vehicles is considered Sabotage


5.Racism, malicious comments, false impersonations of EASY Administrators will not be tolerated and will result in a ban on the first offense.

6.Fair gameplay is fun gameplay.  Keep teams balanced if possible.

7.Do not shoot into or out of 300 meters of Main Base Protection. Admins will politely ask players to withdraw themselves from that area in the spirit of the game. Persistent issues of players engaging near the 300 meter protection area will be inspected by HR to determine an outcome

 Note: On Sumari Bala,  INS main is surrounded by a dry riverbed and a river, crossing these onto the INS side is considered main camping. For US main rules, see the table in Sumari rules.   Note: Applies to any forward spawns/resupply points with main base projectile protection.

8. Squad Leaders can kick without notice.

9. All Crewman operated vehicles must be operated by a minimum of two persons. Note: You may not leave main without two crewman  Exceptions: If the crewman vehicle is already emplaced (boxed in), it may be crewed by a single crewman


11.Vehicle claiming at the start of the round is for the initial first spawn of vehicles, this includes delayed vehicle spawns. To claim a vehicle players must make the Squads names a terminology or acronym for the vehicle and have the earliest squad number to lay claims to vehicles.

12.Locked infantry squads are allowed ONLY if there are 4 or more players in the squad.

13.Whatever the MAX  amount of Helicopters on a team will equal the heli squad limit.  All other helicopter squads will be disbanded

Note: Failure to comply after disbandment will result in a server kick.

14.Heli ramming is not allowed in any capacity, if this behavior is observed it will be treated as if the pilot is trolling. 

15.Do not Self promote communities or content.

16. End of round mic spam is not allowed